1. Can I park at Linton House?

    Yes, there is sufficient and free parking.

  2. How long does a consultation usually take?

    The initial consultation takes about 15 minutes. The scan results are generally available about 20 minutes later and the consultation thereafter takes about 15 to 30 minutes. You should allow for 2.5 hours, but it usually takes less time.

  3. Are there any medical situations that would prevent me having an MRI scan?

    If you have a pacemaker, implants in your ears or brain, or there is any possibility of there being metal in your eyes, you would not be suitable for an MRI scan. Some cardiac stents are metallic and would be a reason not to scan. If an MRI scan is not possible, then often we can arrange for an ultrasound scan as an alternative.

  4. What if I cannot tolerate confined spaces?

    If you let us know in advance, we can often arrange for an open MRI scan.

  5. If I need an operation, where would it be performed?

    Mr Wand operates out of the Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital usually on a Thursday. Follow up consultation are held either at Linton House or at Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital.

  6. If I need an operation, how long does it take to arrange?

    We can usually arrange for the surgery within 3 weeks of the initial consultation.

  7. Will the expenses be covered by my private health policy?

    Mr. Wand’s fees are in line with BUPA guidelines and is unlikely to attract a shortfall in your private medical insurance cover (dependent upon the policy you have chosen), however please be aware that some third party fees e.g. anaesthetist fees and hospital fees may not be fully covered therefore it is very important to check with your medical insurer prior to treatment.